IMG_6243Ah, the delicious smell of coffee in the morning. Just the thing to keep my brain started and to begin thinking about the day, or to start reading a book. 🙂

Coffee is part of my morning ritual: first hearing the kettle starting to whistle, in the meantime grinding the beans, then pouring the hot water over the ground coffee, the sound, the smell that is released by the heat of the water. My hand in the handle of the cup, the gentle warmth radiating from it. And finally, when it is cooled enough in the cup, the taste.

I’ve had versions of this ritual for over 10 years, different types of coffee, different types of coffee makers (Moka pot, filter coffee, French press and now, the AeroPress) and finally the question of perseverance whether I would grind the beans myself or would buy already ground coffee.


Actually, if I think about it, it’s not so much about the smell or taste that I like so much. It’s the act of making coffee is what is most important for me, the act of creating this hot beverage with all the steps involved is what makes it important to me. The steps my hands and body make and the sensory experience that accompanies it.

I would guess this is also why a lot of people have strict rules regarding how they like their coffee. Like your grandmother’s pie or any other favourite dish you sometimes must have, it’s the comfort that this exact sensory experience brings which matters most.

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