Napkin Design: Office-on-the-Go

Napkin Design: Here we post quick ideas we have for potential FREKA products in order to expand the idea of what FREKA is. These are usually made quickly and expressively and should be considered as ideas, not product concepts.


The Office-on-the-Go is a backpack that can be used when working in a flex-working-space or simply in a cafe. It has the function to stay open, while standing upright or laying on a table, in order to give the user quick access to items he or she might need. This can be pens, notebooks, cables or important documents. In this sense, it can act like a drawer which might be present in a permanent desk.

2 thoughts on “Napkin Design: Office-on-the-Go

  1. As part of a “Design Brief” workshop recently, we were asked to give a design brief and a small sketch of the “Backpack of Tomorrow”. Not being a bags expert myself I wish I had seen your sketches earlier – would have inspired me to sketch my back pack a bit better I think!


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