Napkin Design: BraceLight

Napkin Design: Here we post quick ideas we have for potential FREKA products in order to expand the idea of what FREKA is. These are usually made quickly and expressively and should be considered as ideas, not product concepts.


Being exposed to sunlight is very important for our wellbeing as we spend more and more time indoors. To give you more insight into how much time you have spent in the sun we thought of a bracelet that changes colour depending on the time it is exposed to the sun.

If the bracelet hasn’t been in the sun for about 12 hours it will have its default colour. After about 30 minutes in the sun (depending on the strength) it will change to a good colour (green or blue) to show you have done a good job. When you spend more time in the sun it might change into a warning colour to show you should try to protect yourself against the sun. After about 12 hours the colour should change back to its default colour. A chemical process will probably be used to change the colours.

This will hopefully allow you to make better decisions on whether or not you should go outside or not (when the sun shines of course. 😉 ) Or if you should try to find some shade or sunscreen.

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