Napkin Design: Signal-Block

Napkin Design: Here we post quick ideas we have for potential FREKA products in order to expand the idea of what FREKA is. These are usually made quickly and expressively and should be considered as ideas, not product concepts.


Smartphones are bliss, making us more than ever connected to our friends, family, colleagues and the rest of the world. But when we are working and really need to focus on our creations, any disturbance can destroy our flow. And smartphones can disturb us with their screen, notification light, sounds and vibrations. You can, of course, silence it or put it on ‘do not disturb’ but sometimes this isn’t always enough, as we are mere humans and sometimes seek the distraction it creates with its amazing apps.

Therefore we come with this solution: the Signal-Block. It is basically a simple pouch that uses a flexible Faraday cage structure to block all signals coming to the phone. No more phone calls, internet, wifi, Bluetooth or GPS. When you place your phone in this pouch there will be no more notifications of any kind, also placing it in this pouch is a psychological note to your self to not allow yourself to be distracted.

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