Napkin Design: Foldable Water Container

Napkin Design: Here we post quick ideas we have for potential FREKA products in order to expand the idea of what FREKA is. These are usually made quickly and expressively and should be considered as ideas, not product concepts.

frfb180815pd-wednesday napkin design water bottle1.png

We all need to drink water, it is one of the things that keep us going. We can carry it with us in bottles, which work really well, but take up a lot of unnecessary space when empty. Which is why we came up with a foldable water container that can fold flat when empty. Much like the juice containers made with paper.

Our design is made of clear plastic, showing you how much is left, while still being relatively stiff in order to be held well when drinking. A top lid can easily be unscrewed to drink from or refill it.

Very simple 🙂

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