Deltron 3030 (album)

When I was young I was already a big fan of the Gorillaz. I loved the weird mix of rap, reggae, rock, that airboard/melodica sound and other kinds of music into this amazing style. I think the fact that the band was made of cartoons made it even better.

Anyway, later I discovered Deltron, a rapper (among many things) from the year 3030 and the adventures he had. It goes from space rap battles to getting away from government surveillance, and everything in between. He was never alone because there was Dan the Automator, his DJ.

Apparently, this album (Deltron 3030) was made just before the first Gorillaz album, and (Dan the)Automator was the producer behind both of them. This explains a similar vibe in both albums and the sometimes Gorillaz-like tendencies. Actually, it was Automator’s idea to use Del the Funky Homosapien (the rapper portraying Deltron) for the rap verse in Clint Eastwood which introduced me to the Gorillaz. So, thank you Dan the Automator. 🙂

So, after having listened to the album Deltron 3030 for many years it’s safe to say that it has inspired me a lot. Most of all about all the weird adventures and new technologies present in the future. But also about how a small group of motivated people can create a world in which other people can lose themselves.

If you want to read more about Deltron and Automator and the way the first album came to be read this article. 🙂


Have a great week!

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