Napkin Design: Multi-Pen with Marker

Napkin Design: Here we post quick ideas we have for potential FREKA products in order to expand the idea of what FREKA is. These are usually made quickly and expressively and should be considered as ideas, not product concepts.

frfb180823pd-wednesdat napkin design 2 colour pen final1

In order to express our ideas we usually write them down or sketch them by pen. But a pen is usually not enough, a marker is great to further detail the idea. There are other multi-pens out there that do something similar, but because of a need for features, it is normally accompanied with another colour or pencil. But for our own work, we would rather have only 2 options. A pen and a marker.

This Multi-Pen is operated by twisting the clip left or right to select either the pen or marker. The Multi-Pen can be refilled by twisting the cap off at the top. The main barrel is made of Stainless steel in order to create a nice heft which is necessary for confident writing and sketching. A silicone grip is there for a comfortable grip.

What do you think?


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